Eberron - Tempest's Roar

Claw Infiltration

You have insinuated yourselves as recruits in an Emerald Claw keep on the western border of Karrnath. You have had a crash course in learning the senior staff of the keep, and achieved arguable success in your first mission as a unit (make a note that you cannot use that ressurection ritual for 30 days; you may come to regret it).

You feel certain you will need to gain the approval of the majority of the EC commanders before you are trusted with additional assignments, or made full soldiers of the Claw, but there is also plenty of investigating to do here in the meantime.

Cult of Characters

  • Hult Irontoe – Dwarven Recruit Master and basic drill instructor
    – you had to impress him already to get this far
  • *Rikla Ulgrym *- gruff Tiefling Quartermaster of Darkhold
    – Rikla is does not carry enough stature to be a useful voucher for the party
    – harried by the constant requests for supplies.
    – Hult Irontoe has taken an instant dislike to Rikla and considers her weak and therefore a target. Rikla has to actively avoid the dwarf or suffer his beatings.
    – Through his assistance, Ray has familiarized himself with the strict schedule kept by the quartermaster staff, and notes that several boxes of files as well as all the magic items are kept inside.
  • *Varlosh *- human Archivist of Darkhold
    – Varlosh is does not care enough about anyone or anything to be a useful voucher for the party
    – He is disliked by many agents as he keeps close tabs on the amount of income they are supposed to be reporting.
    – He rides herd on a research assistant/slave chained to a warded alchemical station in the Archive, whom Bin has discovered through her work there is one…Aric Blacktree (dundunDUN)

Who to impress?
Some will require simple discussion, while some will require more overt action or favor…

  • *Gron *- ill-tempered Dragonborn Captain of the Storm Watch (EC elite foot soldiers
    – He seems uninterested in anyone unwilling to stand up to him in a direct conflict of power
    – He has little respect for Tomias and believes him to be a two-faced cad.
  • *Tomias Palesun *- Jovial Half Elf Captain of the Green Feathers
    – He is a seemingly easygoing man with a quick wit and many jokes, but he has the cold eyes of a killer.
    – Tomias is a card player, gambler. Scoundrel, you’d like him. Through some successful conversational cardplay, Shacan has noted that:
    – there is a lot of tension between Gron and Tomias.
    – Tomias has his eye on Fzain
    – a glint of jewelry is hidden on a chain beneath his shirt
    – Through rumors circulating the training yard, you learn that Tomias is having an affair with Fzain, and is feeding her tactical info about the Claw; this info might be useful in leveraging him or bribing others
  • Nombrail Calist – human high cleric of the Blood of Vol at Darkhold
    – A treacherous weasel of a man who delights in abusing his underlings, he despises Fzain
  • Taalor Darkhope – human Senior Red Cloak of Darkhold
    – often called “The Binder” because of his expertise in summoning creatures and binding them to his will.
    – from the scene you overheard, he is concerned about the recently arrived cleric of The Keeper (Fzain Nerist) and her designs upon him.
  • Fzain Nerist – seductive human Emissary of The Keeper
    – representative of the High Imperceptor in Mulmaster to the EC
    – a strong-willed woman and a brilliant speaker who is able to sway crowds. This, combined with her good looks, has made her popular among the sellswords at Darkhold, despite her faith
  • *Jesym Drein *- Halfling Captain of the Outriders
    – independent, intent on building her reputation
  • *Lerilenaniel *- Wood Elf Beast Tamer of Darkhold
    – Iroko has developed something of a rapport with her (somewhat damaged by the last encounter)
    – She uses monsters to kill or harass the surrounding areas where the Claw wish to establish a hold

Points of interest – While you earn the trust of the senior staff, there are plenty of curiosities to investigate in the meantime
– there will be further opportunities to gather information during training each day
– now that you have had your first assignment as a unit, you are expected to function at all times as a unit, including spending all your down time as together. all further extra-curriculars must be done together
– The Archive might otherwise take months to sift through for clues, but Bin, having familiarized herself with the filing system feels she could point the group towards something useful there
– Having memorized their duty schedule, Ray might be able to get them near the Vault to investigate it further
– Rumors of a secret project have been circulating amongst the recruits, some hidden lab that is siphoning hordes of supplies.

Eberron 9 (2010.04.28)

We’re ready to decend into the caverns underneath the Six Kings.

Everyone files into the cave, and Chokote takes up the rear guard.

The leader chick says, “Within stands the Obelisk portal that will take us deeper into the vaults.” But only Goblins can go through it, so they get to take the short way while we have to take the long way.

If I were some magical hand in the sky who had to control a lot of the extras in this universe while some other magical hands only handled one principal each - I’d find a way like this to make sure that I wouldn’t have to handle as many extras. But, that’s probably just my imagination.

Ray starts to think that it would be bad for Chkote to try to go through the portal that only let’s Goblins through and begins to say something, but then he sees some sort of token/ring/cloak/something that lets Changelings (and maybe others)

She gives us a sending stone, and holds on to the other one – “Stay in touch.

The Good Goblins(GG) all gather around the obelisk, put their left hands in, and disappear; and are replaced with some darkly ghost figures that attack us - who didn’t see that coming?

We readily defeat them, and Ray – well sorta. He gets all uppidy and blood raged and starts to attack us. Dude – not cool! He calms down after a minute, but still – not cool. He says it’s all because the bloodclaw made him do it, so we say we believe him.

As for the ghosts, they ain’t got shit – they’re ghosts, what’d we expect?

The exit here is a large iron door. It’s heavy but not locked (Shacan makes a frony face). After some effort, we get it open and there’s a little cavern beyond. There’s some black pools on the floor, and as we make it into the cavern some wraiths come and get us. The little cowards start to run off a cliff (stupid floaters) but it’s only 10 ft down, so we jump after them.

We check in GG and they say they fought off some gghouls. That’s ggggreat.

We find floating around the wraiths – Bed of Rapid Rest. Bin (not Ray – he called the Dragon god Siphyllis) founds some darken purple dragon shard. Two murky pieces that look like they broke from a single piece, and a whole one that’s very lusterous. The murky pieces look like they may be contaminated or something. The good shard is a Shard of Lifedrinking.

The black puddeles up here are “shadow seeds” – blurp out necrotic goo when disturbed. Bad things. Do not want.

We look around and down the main way we see to go ends pretty quickly. We backtrack a little bit, and find a little slope down into another cavern that we cross over.

We stumble into a room with a few goblin ghost thingies, and a couple of aberrant tentacle ugly creatures. Bin goes and takes out the goblins, and Ray is able to keep the tentacled creatures at bay with a dancing weapon. Iroko did something that I don’t remember(fun with the form of the winterherald’s difficult terrain and Ray’s dancing weapon), and Shacan missed a lot. It’s ugly, but we make it through. No loot – totally not worth it.

There’s a couple of exits from here forth in, but they’re small little crawl spaces – looks like it’s for goblin travel. We can get through but it takes a little bit.

We get into a chamber that has a curious site: a leftover baracks with a group of ghostly goblins in melee with hideously deformed creatures (goblinish but with like 4 mouths, etc). They’re going at it, but we don’t really know who’s good and who’s bad – so we should take them all out, just to be safe. There’s a massive mummified corpse of some flayed ape looking creature with a spear through it.

Before they notice us, Shacan unloads all his shrouds onto the big abberant guy. Ray salutes the goblin ghosts and then attacks the abarrant guys. Shacan jumps in and just attacks everyone. Bin and Iroko mop up what’s left. 1 Round, 1 TE(nemy)K.

The barracks make a good place to hold up for the night, so we rest up.

During the evening, Ray starts the disenchantment ritual to get rid of the Bloodclaw weapon since “it took him over earlier.”

A search reveals

  • Warhorn (100gps)
  • Broken gamecase and board and pieces of bloodstone (200gps eq)
  • Coinage (25 gps eq)

The spear sticking into the ape is a +2 vicious spear. We can totally transfer that enchantment to other stuff. We also take this time to fashion the dragonshard into something useful.

  • Iroko – 1150
  • Ray – 1200
  • Shacan,Bin – 1250
Eberron 8 (2010.04.14)

Shacan has a nightmare about struggling and stuff. Then at the end of the dream wakes up with a searing pain on his back. It looks like some broadsword got really hot and singed part of him.

Looking around, we see the Bloodclaw Broadsword sticking out of a fallen log on the other side of the camp site.

It has an intense arcane aura that is slowly fading – much like the embers of a fire. After a time, it fades down to a steedy glow (+1). The burned flesh starts to fall out as dust and into the wind.

Ray looks at it some and finally decern that it’s a Kech Shurat blade. It apparently was having some struggle being in the same possession as Ashurta’s blade.

Shacan goes up to the blade in the stump, grabs it, and askes it if it wants to kill something. He hears “yessss” – which is apparently Ray making sounds.

Mac: “If you put your ear up to Ray, you can hear the ocean.”

Shacan goes and tries to threaten the Kech Shurat blade with Ashurta’s blade, but it grows to match Ashurta’s blade, so it’s definitely growing in power. Ray takes it for now.

Captain Caliousousoisous gave us a sign “Three white rocks pointing in a direction at the base of the third king – there’s an entrance around here.”

As we approach up the revene, there’s some armored “bigger than a goblin-probably a hobgoblin” obviously blocking the path. This warparty is not a Ketvalar. They all have blade shaped scars on their forearms. They are obviously Ketshurat.

Ray (in goblin): “What Tribe you belong to?”

Hobgoblin (in high sounding noble): “Haha, it’s not common to see you speaking the noble tongue. But to answer As we see it, all tribes belong to us?”

Ray: “Well, we’ll be sure to tell them that you died.”

Ray rolls a miserable intimidate check.

Hobgoblin: “Hahahaha, you amuse me. If you tell me all you know about the blade et al, we’ll let you leave and live.”

Ray turns to Shacan: “They want your blade.”

Mac to Rogue: “I throw the blade at him. Oh, wait, let me make an insight as to what Jesse is saying to me… 6! I throw the blade at him.”

There’s some attacking and some running around on terrain, and some mockery of the enemy, and we win. Oroko: “I took 5 that round.” Ray: “I took 50.” Mac: “I took 32. Way to pull you weight, Defender.”

No loot of note. Not even the cool scimatars that the big guy had. Eh.

We continue on. It’s a long hard trudge (Endurance checks), but we make it to the third king.

Around some rock formations, we see a cooridor leading into the mountain. Coming out of it is a party of hobgoblins (Kech Valar). Tchokte is among them.

“I am Yera. I am the leader of the Kech Valar seekers. This place and the crown belong to us. Give it to us and leave if you desire peace.”

Apparently, we must try to convince her that we are here on good terms (even if we are selfish) and want to aid the

Govan (the guy we helped with the Emerald Claw people in the forest) emerges from behind the crowd and gives us a bonus.

It is written that the destiny of the Arkanstash is tied to those who seek and find its fragments.” Chikote steps forward – “yeah, they obviously have one of the pieces so we should let them help us.” We’ve convinced them that we’re good enough to be tried by combat, which leads us to…

The Ritual of Amalraka. Yera leads us down to a clearing and starts to pour a wide circle of ash which flares and gives out layer of thin smoke.

This is an Ama’Lokar (we assume is goblin for “trial by combat”) ritual circle. It is meant to bond the participants in the spirit of competition. It is often used as a sign of what the spirits have meant to be.

Single bouts – only one can fight at a time.

Combat continues until either side wins 5 times. Takes damage and fails to deal damage in the same round. Can’t use healing. Can second wind, but constantly active during the whole rituatal.

Each combatant – every round you get a free action. You can either meditate or mitigate. Meditate: - Arcana: +2 to one defense for this round only - History: +2 to next attack roll - Religon: +2 on saving throw Mitigate: - Bluff: opponent rolls twice and takes lower value - Insight: +2 bonus to next skill check roll - Intimidate: opponent is -2 to next roll

+1 AC (forgo for temporary hit points)

Shacan up – versus Yera. FIGHT! - Shacan wins.

Oroko up – versus someone. FIGHT! - Oroko wins.

Ray up – verus some little guy. FIGHT! - Ray wins. Like not just wins with a do the damage without taking damage, but actually drop his guy. Weird.

Bin up – versus someone. FIGHT. - Bin wins.

Shacan up again – versus some cleric or magic user. FIGHT! - Shacan almost wiffs it, but does succeeds.

We route them 5-0. They think that they’re awesome, but we’re more awesome. So that makes us ok or something.

It’s dusk. We should probably stay here for the night, then go into the caves tomorrow.

Shacan, Bin 606 Ray 756 Oroko 906

Eberron 7 (2010.03.31)

Eberron 2010.03.31

Walking our way from town with a name that sounds like Advent, and it’s a long a gruelling walk to the West to the monument of the Six Kings.

We spy upon a handful of humans bugging a goblin. The humans have bright “Emerald” cloaks and shields with Emerald Claws on them. The dark skinned tattooed goblin is one of the Wordbearers. He’s tied up and in need of some help or it could just be that we don’t like the Emerald Claw so we attack.

Excellent teamwork with Oroko and Bin. Oroko gets surrounded and attacks them all and then uses a power that allows him to shift and to shift everyone else

Jesse: “Since when was mocking Jesse worth XP?” Rogue: “Since when was mocking Jesse not worth XP?”

Govan the Goblin suggests that He advises us to avoid the road up ahead. He takes off a silver Dykinni necklace to give us a plot trinket

We try to get some information out of the Emerald Claw people – We’re just here under the orders of Captain Warrick. We were ordered by the captain, but his mistress . Big freaky chick with death mask.

  • Oroko: “Do you know anything about Aberrant Dragonmarks?”
  • EC Warrior: “They’re bad?”
  • Oroko: “Do you know anything about Dragonmarks?”
  • EC Warrior: “They’re good?”
  • Mac: “Yeah, that was useful.”


  • 13 alchemist fire arrows – burst 1 for an extra d6 firedamage
  • 80 gps among them

We make it a little bit further and then rest for the night. We sleep, but it’s a fitful sleep. There’s a sense of impending doom. Oroko asks his little woodlin friends they think something is around, but we’re unable to find it. Ray feels something arcane permeating this area, but we can’t put our finger on it.

We start the walk in the morning and after some enduring the walk, we hear a warhorn in the distance. It’s not a Brelish warhorn, it sounds more like a Warhorn of Drenum. They probably belong to the raiders that Govan mentioned.

We continue walking, crest a hill and see some rolling stony planes. We can see a few miles down the road, and there’s a thin plumb of white smoke. We’re in an area with some rocky spires. We see a cauldron off to the side of the road (the smoke is coming from it). Standing right smack in the middle of the road ahead is a Minotaur. A gnoll assists it. A couple of Orcs are hidden and a come out from the sides, and an Archer shoots at us from above.

Despite some noble attempts by the villians, they are vanquished. Bin took a lot of damage, and Ray complained about healing him (“You’re cut off!”). The gnoll ended up being some sort of cleric.

Ray knows that the cauldron has something magical going on with it, but really doesn’t know and decides the only way to stop it is to kick over the cauldron. The rest of


  • Gnollish “Holy” symbol of battle +1. Was Melora but defaced to some primal goddish.
  • 407 sps
  • 53 gps
  • various jewelry – 250 gps worth
  • Minotaur’s tiny ivory box in the shape of a skull – 10 gps

We continue moving on till the end of the day. We rest for the night. It’s still a little fitful but better then it ways.

On the road to the Six Kings, Day 5. Nothing happens.

The terrain starts to slope up slightly. We know that we’re approaching the Greywall mountains – the boundary between Brelem and Dorum.

On the road to the Six Kings, Day 6.

It’s rougher going the closer we get to the mountains. But we do start to recognize landmarks, so that’s good. The planes have given way to a rocky woodlen area. Was harvested out once, but the woods have reclaimed it for theiy own. Oroko is happy.

We’re very close to the mountains now. It looks like two parts – the lower mountains and some higher mountains. The higher mountains have something carved into them but it’s blocked by the lower mountains. The higher mountains are probably the Six Kings.

As we walk along, we notice that some of the foilage is disturbed. Looks like a several (about 5 or 6) large or heavily ladened humanoids walked through it. We sneak around in the woods trying to track them and eventually find them.

They look like they’re expecting to ambush someone on the road. We see a knight and a scout. Shacan is able to sneak up to the knight and almost dispatch it, but Ray makes some noise and everything else goes to hell. The captain comes out, and some more soldiers – eh. The biggest problem ends up being the necromancer mistress. We eventually turn the tide when Bin grows 10’ long arms and starts to wail on everyone in site.

As we’re dispatching the necromancer and the last scout, we see orange faces with some markings among the leaves of the forest. We squish the scout, and turn to look for the faces and they’re gone.

Ray: “I already don’t like them. They were just watching and wouldn’t help.”


  • Very nice scale armor, leather armor, shields, fine silken robes
  • Captain’s armor is magical: Plate armor +2 summoned armor
  • Potion of ?
  • 50 gps
  • pouch of 6 jet black gems (25 gps each)

We continue on and pass the lower mountain range. We turn the corner to see a river running between the mountain ranges and on the North(?) side, we see the Six Kings – a series of gigantic carved statues of the Six Kings.

We get our first restful night’s sleep in over a week.

Bin 886 Ray 966 Shacan 926 Oroko 826

Eberron 6 (2010.03.24)

Eberron 2010.03.24

We’ve discovered something new

Cleric Olaakki points us towards some people who might be able to do stuff…

We head over to - We meet up with Professor Gydd Nephret (hot 18yo expert on Hobgoblin stuff).

We try to keep her and chat, but she’s in a rush and although really wants to see Shacan’s sword can’t make time for us for a

“To the Library!” Ray decides that we need to go look up Nephret’s dissertation (on the Decany War). We find it and he begins to memorize appropriate sections to repeat back to her. It has a section on the Ashen Crown.

“The AC is ca Arkantash(in Goblin). There are five pieces divided among the Word Bearers/Warlords. The five pieces can be Voltronned into the Ashen Crown. The five pieces came to be know after their last owners:

  • Ashirta’s Blade (it’s a frontal ornanment – heheh)
  • Karruk’s Circlet (gold, mithral, and lots of slots for stuff)
    • Arcane, History, Religon checks
    • Daily – detect object – know distance and direction to any of the crown
  • Zirani’s Solitaire
    • Golden spherical gem
    • When you crit, you can move stuff around some
  • Mukoorak’s Orb
    • Implement Orb, +2 att/dam, crit 2d6/2d10 w/ combat advantage
    • Daily free action – w/ hit deal +2d6 damage
  • Lortan’s Corde (braided mithral chain)
    • Belt
    • Protection against supernaturally charged attacks
    • Hit with regular damage, Resist 5 againt regular damage till end of round
Full crown:
  • All of the above, plus
  • Daily standard action: Gentle repose but no components required
  • Weekly power: Speak with dead +5 Religion bonus
  • Monthly power: Raise dead (1 hour)

Velistern Elves came to Korvar back in the day - Crown of Rememberance made from four of them - The goblins added Ashirta’s blade after the war

Ray continues doing research (checking references, a Goblin<->Common dictionary, etc). He finds “The Last Warlords of the Tecanee War”: The Katvalar (The Word Bearers) – one of the two largest goblin clans on Corver. Also finds another book on Lore on just the Crown – The Rite of Arkantash: instructions on how to assemble all the stuff into the Crown (1 hour ritual).

At least one of their empires was located around this area and we can go there to find stuff.

One of the library aides comes up to us and realizes that we’re looking at the Ashen Crown stuff: “I hear there was a group of goblins came and tried to find the tomb before the hero’s found it. They disappeared, but there’s now another group and they’re probably pissed now that the hero’s found it…”

We’re tired. We don’t study much (well, most of us) so this is taking a lot out of us. We can take down an entire legion, but can’t read a book. We hit the sack.

In the morning, we receive a summons to the King’s Citidal by Captain Calice at our earliest possible convenience (this afternoon). We ask around on the streets and Captain Saj Calice is actually a person who works at the citidal - so, that was useful.

We go inside to some big fancy room with some big fancy

We see some gnome. “Welcome to the headquarters of the King’s Citidal.” == secretary. After a little bit, Calice comes . He’s a mitilary man who likes a military meal and a military conversation. “Follow me…. then Sit.”

“You’re here for two reasons:

  • You ventured into the depths and recovered an artifact. Brelin needs you help in a matter relating to that.
  • Reason number two is the second half of reason number 1 (Brelin needs your help).

We’re surrounded by stuff that’s bad – some goblin’s trying to return to power. There’s some goblins (Wordbearers) that aren’t as bad as others – it’s probably better for us to let those win. All of them want to collect the weapons.

- Ed note: that might be some paraphrasing.

Lots of more ‘splaining. No more ‘splaining

“National Elfcare Reform”


Dirgesinger Warrior Bard name Yera. Yera seeks two different parts under Six Kings. Cave beneath the monument.

He’s arranged for us to fly to Ardev in three days time. From there to Six Kings. We need to catch up with the Korvalar and join up with them in some way. Follow in their tracks and eventually catch up with them.

After Six Kings, we’ll head over to the Doram town of Grey Wall where Yera thinks there’s another fragment under the city.

Final note: Tekalti says that a few bands of other goblins (Bladebearers) are following the Korvalar and it could get dicey (he-yukyuk).

Warriors brand themselves with Blade shaped tattoo’s.

We head back and hook up with Nephret in her

Lady Illian of Arani.

“Gydd cannot join you at the moment. She is with my mistress.” Her hair is flayed out from her as she stuck her finger in a candle socket.

Withered corpse like monster appears from . Clad in Areni robes and marked in Areni tattoos.

“Dema is demised. Why Emerald Claw.”

Wall panel: “Elves and Goblins share a believe that the crown or who posesses it will do something somewhere at sometime and it’ll be their fate.”

Danea Aliiel – history buff. Only in Sharn sporadicly. Hired explorers and academics on occasion. Interested in magic related to death/the dead. The librarian friend overheard her and pieced together that she is “Skullborn – where she is known as Demied.” She affiliates with the Emerald Claw (people looking for magically items).

Next day – Pok has a story in the Sharn Times. “Corpses in Shava House. Professor missing.” Reports that Gydd is missing, breakin at her apartment.

Eventually, it’s time to go.

Tikalti got word to the Citidal about an undead attack against the Wordbearers and some involvement of the Emerald Claw.

He warns us for a Skullborn elf named Demised – at lot of good that does us. We should avoid the Emerald Claw people.

One day later, we’re in Arden and set off on the Orient Trail.

Bin,Ray 480 Oroko 520 Shacan 560

Eberron 5 (2010.03.10)

Really need to clean these up—mac

We sleep through the night. It’s a sleep, but it’s not a restful sleep. This is not a restful place. It’s not a bad rest (Rogue didn’t hit our Will defenses) just not sleeping at the Ritz. Puck on the other hand is a little rattled, but “Anything for the story!”

Runes in the common script written in Goblin. As we stare at them,

Pay omage, all ye who enter, honor the great Asurta, or you shall surely parish.

Apparently the Betrayed didn’t get the

“One of you may claim the blade of the Ashen Crown, but a painful lesson shall be learned.” And then all the lights go out.

The lid is slid back, and a figure is standing in it. The figure looks a lot like the carving (go fig), and it’s not looking happy.

Some of the statues in the back that we didn’t see also come to life and go backstab Oroko.

The two statues/undead goblins close on Betrayed and Bin and like true honorable Goblin warriors split their attacks.

We don’t really approach the situation too well. We split ourselves – Bin and Betrayed go up to the tomb without saluting, and Oroko

  • Ashurta’s Blade
  • +2 Weapon
  • Crit 2d6, 2d10 vs abberant
  • +1 item bonus to all defenses against abberant
  • At Will Minor – Morphs into weapon of choice
  • - broadsword, longsword, shortsword, dagger, shirukin
  • Daily – Free, trigger hit attack with this weapon dazed until end of your next turn if abberant – restrained and cannot teleport
Hisotry check: All of the word keeper warlords had a signature weapon
  • This is Ashurta’s weapon. There could be others.
  • The Ashen Crown might be the name for the collection.

Two chests are on the floor. They’re trapped – with an arcane trap that shoots necrotic energy at living creatures. The Betrayed laughs and just opens it right up.

Inside one:
  • 33 gps
  • hobgoblin skull mask AV p144
Inside the other one:
  • 22 gps
  • hobgoblin belt of the brawl AV p164

Oroko hears the Kruthiks. They’re behind the door to the north. We start down that way, and see a cooridor that looks like a place where there’s been a lot of Kruthiks – the walls are covered in mucous.

The cooridor ends in what should be a door, but it isn’t. There’s a giant stone slab. We dungoneer that this is the backside of the big stone statue from a few rooms ago. If we had any sense of what to do, we could have

There’re breaks in the Kruthik mucous, we think we can make our way into a couple of the passages. We head the direction of the plot^Wway we haven’t been.

We come to the Kruthik lair. There’s sheets of slime all over the place that can be difficult to move around. Tiny hatchlings are swarming all over. A winged Kruthik hangs on the wall across the chamber maybe 20’ above us.

Under some crusted slime in the chamber looks like a body with some glowing magical items that we need to take – because it’s there… for us.

We stealth our way over to one of the nests of eggs, and Shacan starts to pull an egg out. He also finishes pulling an egg out. As we turn to leaveCTRL-Wgo over to get the body’s stuff, the wall of slime parts an a Kruthik manidble starts to poke itself out.

We attack. Er, they attack us, but to be honest we probably provoked it. A couple of baby kruthik swarms, a flying kruthik, and a hivelord. The usual combat ensues, but we add insult to injury as we throw their own eggs against them (and magic weapon the eggs).

Bin does end it on an awesome note. With her last storm of flury awesomeness, she drops that last three enemies with a single attack. Pretty good, and she can tumble.

We loot through the body. The longsword he had was boring, but looped around it was an amulet.

  • Amulet of Protection +2
  • 2 gps
  • 38 sps
  • Coinage is from the mintage of Darguun.

We root through and find a couple of flying Kruthik eggs, which are the ones we take back.

More Kruthiks come and we zubzub defeat them.

Then we zubzub explore the rest of the tomb and realize that there’s nothing else special.

We make our way back out through the tomb avoiding traps and encounters, back into the mining caves, and then back to the Cogs.

We are met by Malrik. “So, you come back alive.” And have successfully defeated the Kruthiks. And remembering that we negotiated up our reward, we get 100+50 gps (and that quest bonus). “Take it! and be off with you!”

The hobgoblin…

Professor Gydd Nephret at Norgrave University – a colleague, a scholar of our ways. She is very kind to us.

She’ll be able to tell you all about the warlords.

The warlords’ empire stretched all across this land.

It would be – no I cannot ask.

You wanna hold it, right?


We do some fun stuff, ...

Quest points achieved:
  • We rid the tomb of the Kruthiks.
  • We take the Kruthik parts (wings and eggs) to the Professor.
  • Poc never got attacked.
  • We get a historical artifact that will lead us to the rest of the plot.
  • Jon 844
  • Mac 764
  • Bryan 924
  • Jesse 844
Eberron 4 (2010.02.17)
Into Ashurta’s Tomb

February 17, 2010

The Betrayed, Bin, Iroko, and Shacan

Torch bearer/reporter, halfling dude, Pok is still with us

We enter Ashurta’s Tomb, using the key we found last time and enter a hallway. After a short time we come to an iron door. There is a small hole over the door (possibly made by Kuthriks), so Iroko boosts up Bin and she looks into the room. Peering into the first room she sees an intricate room with braziers and tiled floor. We also think we hear that telltale grinding sound again, but we fail our rolls and don’t “recognize” it. Shac opens the door stealthily after a communal check for traps.

Room#1 This is an intricate room with a tiled floor in the center. There are runes depicted on the tiles. There is one other shut door (with rods imbedded in the door jams) and a gleaming-eyed 10 ft gargoyle is also in the room. There are three braziers on three of the walls. Ray interprets the runes and they are descriptions like Open, Rage, Door, Up, etc… The hand symbols are here too, in the 4 corners of the tiles. Ray insights that we must decipher the combination for the tiles to allow us to safely pass through the door without setting off some sort of trap. Shac sees that the gargoyles eyes are made of gleaming red garnets, but tells us that they are worthless. Jerk.

The tiles are actually pressure plates and we step hard on them to activate what we want:

Open, east, door, today—> Open tile glowed, but the rest just clicked

Open, up, hand, door—> same

Open, right, hand, door—> first 3 glow

Open, right, hand, up—> first 3 glow

Open, right, hand, rage! Shac! Why am I thinking Polly wants a crack upside the head…but it’s a false alarm

Open, right, hand, release—> first 3 glow

Open, right, hand, fire! Crap! What did you do Ray!

Magma Runners pop out of the braziers and rush at Ray. One stomps on Ray’s foot, triggering the Fire Tile and again and yells, “Fire, hehehe!”. Little Mote fire elementals pop out too. Another Magma Runner stomps on the Hell Tile. An imp pops up, and then disappears. Shac disables Hell Tile (and breathes cold on them) Nice. They are slowed too!

Ray disables Fire Tile

They argue about whose idea it was to jury rig the tiles.

Bin and Rocky knock the Runners around a bit.

Shac does some more cold damage to them and to Bin. Suck. But he rerolls with a card to miss Bin! Woot! And they are slowed again!

Ray gives Bin some temps and then Bin bursts everyone around her with a Five Storms attack. Some of the Runners drop and the imp takes a lot of damage.

Shac reappears from the shadows and drop a MOAB on the imp who explodes. Wow.

We take out the rest quickly.

Open, right, hand, release—> first 3 glow

Open, right, hand, unlock—> first 3 glow

Open, right, hand, down—> it works! The door opens.

The Gargoyle gem eyes look dangerous to get, so we move to the next room. But Shac stays behind and pops out the eyes. He dodges the fire, and the attempt to trigger the tiles by are foiled by the jams. 2 “50gp” gems are pocketed by the assassin.

Into the hallway and down some stairs


We descend down the stairs into hot, damp room that is gleaming white. Armored goblins in battle are depicted on the walls. There is a grinding sound from below and there are 4 rune tiles on the ground: Open, Close, Up, Down. There are stairs that go up to the next door. Ray tries to jury rig the tiles right away, and disables Close. The exit door and the entry door have the rods installed in the door jams again. Rocky finds that the stairs are rigged to make us fall. And he finds that the floor can drop in some places too. Ray rigs a step to not fall and Shac disables the rest on the one side with some pitons. We wait on the “safe” stairs while Shac tries to trigger the tiles, while planning to escape to the shadows.

Open, Down—> but the first button does not stay down

We use rope and shadow trick to try to trigger both tiles at the same time, and Bin moves to the tiles with Shac, while Rocky holds the other end of the rope.

Open/Down—> triggers traps revealing a grinder pit (the noise), spikes from above and all kinds of nastiness. This place would have shredded us, but our stairs are safe and the acrobatic ones are able to handle the tiled area.

Ray re-checks the room now that we can see the mechanisms.

It’s a matter of waiting it out, everything triggers the trap really. You have to survive. Iroko notes that the room was like a representation of a dragon’s maw. We wait it out and everything settles down, the doors opens and the trap resets.

I’m sure Pok is impressed with how we handled this room.

Into the next room


This is a large room with a shower of water coming down from ceiling, a figure under the water with some kind of minions next to him, 4 displacer beast statues, another door, and a large pillar. The door looks simple to pick the lock, but Shac can’t make it open. Maybe magic? Ray gets close to the minion guys while looking to inspect the displacer beast statues and they attack!

Hobgoblin zombie is the figure in the water

Drakes are the minions

Battle commences

Ancient Tomb Motes emerge from the crypts and attack too

There is a displacer field emanating from the statues and it seems to effect both us and the monsters as various attacks miss because of it

A few hits and misses in the first round. Bin misses 7 in a row! Sucktastic.

The zombie throws pieces of his flesh at us. Bleh.

We finally wear them down a bit and the zombie explodes and manages to miss most of us and hit a drake.

A flying Kuthric joins the fray. Get it!

Bin knocks over the Kuthric with a Dragon’s Tail attack and then Ray crits on it to take it to exactly 0.

Loot the room:

Rocky harvests the wings from the Kuthric

8 real 50gp amethysts are taken from the statues

A magic key is found on the zombie corpse and it opens the enchanted lock

A new corridor goes to some stairs down to another level and to another door


This is a large room filled with thin white mist. A large stone claw is set in the middle of the room, and it is holding a cauldron of blood. Creepy. There are runes in the floor around it. There are two sarcophagi in some alcoves. Four more doors are in this room. There are runes on the doors too.

Claw runes “…only drink blood of my enemies…” paraphrase. Typical goblin trait

Door runes “sword siblings”

We piton close the doors and then try to open a sarcophagus.

It explodes in a burst of goblin bones and knocks Ray down. But there is nothing but bones in them.

We un-piton the first door and Shac picks the lock.

The cauldron of blood boils and sprays red mist around it.

The door opens on its own and a Hobgoblin Skeleton with a blood blade emerges from a sarcophagus from that room and attacks us.

Another monster (a pale hobgoblin creature) explodes out of another door breaking off the piton after a round and joins the fray

Another monster (humanoid shadow with weapon/claws) breaks off the piton on his door

The bones in the corner also assemble in the corner as skeleton minions and attack

The Shadow attacks with a scream and prones Bin

Shac and Rocky quickly take out the skeletons

We focus fire on the Hobgoblin skeleton and bloody it

The Shadow and the Hobgobin skeleton focus fire on Bin and take her out

Shac kills the Hobgoblin Skeleton with a huge hit

Ray saves Bin from the brink of certain death (close to negative bloodied) and gives her a surge and 20 temps. Wow. Who needs a cleric when you have a dead artificer?

The blood mist expands to fill pretty much the whole room

Rocky appears to be immune to attacks from all enemies. 5 monster fumbles and counting

We manage to gain the upper hand and take them all out

The blood mist recedes and at the bottom of the cauldron is a key.

The blood blade is revealed to be a Bloodclaw Falchion +1.

We decide to possibly do an extended rest in this room, so we can recharge.


The Betrayed: 1210

Shacan: 1210

Iroko: 1150

Bin: 1150

MVP: 4 way tie

Loot found in this adventure:

2 “50gp” red garnets (really worth 250gp? each), Shac

Kuthric wings, Rocky

8 real 50gp amethysts

“Magic key”, used to open enchanted lock in water fall room

Key, found in bottom of blood cauldron, should open door to next room

Bloodclaw Falchion +1

Eberron 3 (2010.02.03)

February 3, 2010

INSERT GREY BOX about a peaceful sky coach.


A group of goblins comes up behind our sky coach riding blue discs. It looks like it might-maybe-if-you-squint look like Eric Blacktree – more machine now than man. They attack and got the drop on us because they were sneaking up - and not because we all fumbled our init rolls.

The goblins are riding Arcane Skiffs – little magical constructs

“Yes my minions, kill them, kill them all.” Spurned on by his prompting, they attack again.

Jesse: “We are so going to die.”

Since we’re bunched up, we’re going to have some major issues if we’re stuck with clustering. Bryan uses this to our advantage and a small forest sprouts out from the boat (Nature’s Abundance) providing some good cover.

Crazy-8s Jon leaps into one of the vacated Skiffs, sticks the landing (drawing a 8.5 from the judges and generous golf claps), and then bullrushes one of the other goblins just to push him a bit.

One of them jumps onboard the coach. Shacan teleports onto one of the discs. Ray then pushes the goblin off the disc that Shacan is on. Bin punches one and confuses him like the monkey – he then goes and tries to hit the big guy.

A goblin takes a cheap shot at the coach driver – and hits – and kills him - and suck. Ray is able to get up to the steering wheel and take over. Only to then pull out a massive shot (crit) on the big guy and then steer the coach with ease (crit – wtf? I fumble twice and he crits twice – bah).

Iroko slows the second to last goblin, and then Bin and Shacan drop the other goblin. As the last one is trying to run away (slowly), Ray remembers to Death Reap something and smears

There is no body. A pile of robes, a staff, some magic boots (sure foot boots). Eyewitnesses report a poof before and/or after he hit the ground – not to sure on that (which is a bit weird, you would think that would be something memorable, but eh). Iroko notices that there was no impact crater.

We get back to the LCG’s place.

LCG: “What’d you do with my driver? Why is he dead?”

Shacan after taking the goblin arrow out of the driver’s back: “These are goblin arrows. Your assitant Eric

LCG: “My assistant? What does he have to do with that? He was left with the Monks.”

US: We explain about Erik and the tower and all those things. He doesn’t have much information to give us. Apparently, Erik was just a servant and not worthy of his attention or something. He calls over other servants to look into the matters and will let us know when something comes up.

LCG puts us up at an inn (at his expense).

As we part, some of the other nobles are chatting and one comes up to us and asks us if he can recruit us. He’s scared to do it today or something, and so we decide to do it tomorrow after we sleep.

I missed some stuff here as I was picking out a weapon.

We’ve been recruited to find some flying Kruthik’s… by some professor.

Hefton Earclarn – “Freelancer for the Sharn Inquisitive.”

We’ve been recruited to kill some Kruthik’s by some of the mining factions in the

We go down into the cogs, and go hunting for bugs.

We find an area that looks like someone went crazy with a pick ax… or, the random stabbings of Kruthik’s hitting with their sharp legs. We pass it by and think start finding less and less signs of civilization, and more signs of Kruthik’s.

We eventually get to an area that looks like it’s a recent rock slide – some wall collapsed into the corridor.

Then we get into an area that actually looks like it’s been built out – finely huned stonework. And we smell a strong vinegar smell – it’s coming from the body of a slained Kuthrik. It looks like a dozen or so Kuthrik fought a half dozen humanoids. From the arrows and everything, it looks like goblins. They look like they lost and were drug away by the Kuthriks.

In the distnace, we hear the sound of stone grinding on stone.

Shacan sneaks into it. It appears to be the entry to an old tomb. A pile of black skulls is in the center of the room. Strange floating wispy somethings are floating around. Lots of alcoves with various bones line the room with paintings/etchings of goblins around.

More grinding of stone on stone (or something like it).

The skulls in the middle of the room are of all kinds of people – halflings, goblins, orcs, monsters, etc. No humans or elves. Maybe they’re all subterranean creatures – maybe not.

Taptaptap – the Kuthrik’s attack (for real this time). We dispatch them. Effectively. It’s weird. Like, we did really well and they did pretty poorly. It’s weird.

We check them, and none of them have wings. But the room now reeks of vinegar. We collect a vile of the stuff – it may come in handy as it could repel them (they don’t like to hang out with a bunch of them as dead).

  • Vile of Kuthrik Blood (smells vinegary)

As we examine the skulls, they are definitely various creatures – none of which are Human or Elf. There’s some ironbars around the skulls with some runes on them. It appears to be in the Common language, but using other words.

There’s nothing arcane about the skulls, but the banner of them is. It depicts a Blackbird of prey and turns out to be a poll is a Battle Standard of Might.

On the other side of the skull pile, there’s a crumpled body. It’s so far gone that we can’t really tell what it is. It has a bag with a potion in it, and a damaged journal – it’s of Dargoon vintage. The writer was a member of Catch Valar (Goblin term for the followers of Dargoon). They came here seeking Ashurta’s tomb and the blade. They have a key to the tomb’s entry doors (which Iroko finds). The journal tells us what the runes said

“Ashurta, slayer of these weaklings, Keeper of the blade of ashen crown. Even in death, he is stoic and strong. The might of Xoriat has not bested him, and hell goes with him.”

There’s also a piece of leather (p27) that has some sort of hand on it.

  • Battle Standard of Might
  • Potion of Healing (mac)
  • 11 gps

Hell goes with him is a common saying among goblins. Means influence over devil’s or other bad people. “Might of Xoriat” – imples that he might have fought againt the flesh keeping darkir that happened 5000 years ago.

The key we got does fit the doors.

- Nobody used Action Points or Dailies - Surges used: —Bryan – 2 —Mac – 2 —Jon – 1 —Jesse – 0

- Blue chips —Jesse – 3 —Jon – 4 —Mac – 3 —Bryan – 4

MVP - Jon

XP Mac, Jesse – 603 Bryan – 628 Jon – 678

Eberron 2 (2010.01.20)

Jan 20, 2010

Starting party gold: 128 gps

We’re at the aftermath of the party.

Some of the guests are grumbling. “You invited us here, and then you tried to kill us all!”

We arcane that the daemon has been summoned here, but there’s not arcane energy still in the area. It was a reasonably powerful daemon, so there aren’t too many people around who could have summoned it. All of them would be in the mages’ district. We can decern that it was sent here, not summoned here.

We ask around and the guests aren’t much help. Apparently, they couldn’t make it out as they were running screaming away from it.

Asking the guards and the people outside the tower, some people do indicate that they think they may have seen a shadow moving this way from the mages’ district.

Arkon looks around and spies a piece of white fur (Mourning Haunts are apparently misty apes). We follow the tuffs of fur which leads us to…

Dalannan Tower rises up above us. We walk into the Central Bridge district – Lower Memphis Plateau. No matter how hard we look, there’s no more fur around here.

We’re looking around and stumble into some thugs. They seem somewhat underwhelming, which is why a bunch of halflings come up and say “Hey, we’re the only ones who get to beat up humans around here” (apparently, they’re talking to us). They’re small. We crush them (and the humans) (well, except for two of the halflings that drop everything and run). By everything, I mean:

  • 53 gold
  • daggers + great ax

While we’re sorting through stuff, we hear a small voice:

“Hey, what are you doing here anyway?”

“We’re looking for some sort of misty monkey thing.”

“Really? That’s weird. Why are you looking for it?”

We do an impressive display of death and cold (Jesse + Mac) and convince the leftover halflings to spill their beans. They’re not sure, but there’s a local suspicious looking mage that lives in the area that we’re hanging. He always seems to have two goblin guards hanging out with him. If they were going to pin something weird going on – they’d pin it on him (which is what they do).

We keep going in our general direction. We’re not the stealthy type (well, one of us is, but apparently most of us aren’t), so we keep going as we are. We come to the base of the tower and see a row of Bay style condos. We figure there’s some box text in the condos.


We believe that this house is the origin of the Mourning Haunt. It’s bright with arcane energy and humming. We open the door and are greeted with a burst of warm area and a musky musky smell.

Inside there’s a pair of drakes, a pair goblins, a pair of werewolves (shifters with scimitar’s), and an orcish archer. We open up with a couple of little slices, and then one of the drakes takes a big hunk of dragonborn out of Shacan (oooouuuuchh…). We’re able to recover from the pain and do some major damage in round two. Followed by the the werewolves who eventually take the monk down, but we quickly dispatch the rest of them. Just in enough time for the Betrayed to remember to start to use Dark Reaping but we finish everyone up before he can capitalize on it.

The shifters have red streaks through their fur. They (shifters + halforc) probably are part of the street gang “The Jackels” who are cheap mercenaries.


  • 60 gps

The house is still humming – and humming more it seems like. The humming is coming from upstairs. There’s a crack of thunder from upstairs and some rumblings from upstairs. Most of us (not the deaf dragonborn) hear people upstrairs “Hey! What’s happening? What’s that over there? What are you doing?”

We go upstairs, open the door, and see dark energy crackling from a several machines. The humming has turned from gentle warp engine hum to not-so-gentle eject-the-warp-core hum.

A heidious eyeless monster stands franticly operating some machine with its hands and tentacles. When we walk in, it turns its attention to us.

A blast of dark lightning shoots across one of the other parts of the rooms and hits another one of the machines. We fight some more, and then the lightning shoots into the machine next to us. It bursts into some sort of rippling effect which hits us a bit.

Jesse looks at the machine and figures out how to turn it off. We keep fighting the operators who turn out to be mostly changlings and the original abomination. We leave one alive to answer some questions.

This is some sort of enchanted machine that would have been a big bomb. It apparently was built into the foundation of the Tower. Jesse “disables” it by disenchanting it and getting the residium from it.


  • 500 gps of residium
  • Spiked Jacket +1 (Leather/Hide)

After confusing the last living Changling (a dragonborn impersonating a Changling with a blow to the head – who would have though it worked?), we get some juicy information. They were FILL IN HERE. Ultimately, they talk about Eric Blacktree. That name sounds really familiar and we finally piece it to the scribe who was with the LC when he was LM and in the tower from the 1st run.

Open questions:

.) Why did he set them up the bomb? We know he’s got the grudge with the Lord Cornel, but what’s up with the Dalannan Tower? .) He obviously has a grudge with the Lord Coronel (being left behind or something)? Or was there more going on with the magic circle and why they were there?

We return to our inn for some quick rest, and the Lord Coronel’s messanger is there waiting for us. “We must go inform the LC what’s up.” An airtaxi comes for us.

We go above the city headed off towards the LC’s tower. And we’re suddenly being chased by the some people on floating discs. Eric Blacktree yells out “You bastards!” And Jesse replies with “Was this your residium?”

[ Heroic battle to ensue next time.

Everyone starts with 1 AP.

Used dailies: mac jon brian ]

MVP - Jesse/Mac


Brian 1036 Jon 1066 Jesse 1136 Mac 1236

Eberron 1

December 9, 2009

Part I

4 Years Ago – The Day of Mourning…

The four of us have each been brought to this tower for our own reasons. But ultimately, we’re all here for the battle – which is not too minor. There’s some goblin/kobold creates and some Kruthik.

After dispatching those vermin, we find the Lord Major and his assistant. The Lord Major’s assistant is in some circle of power. It’s unclear what it’s supposed to do, but it when Bin steps in, she starts to looked like a dazed idiot so we decide that we should best leave it alone.

We’re able to free the Lord Major and after some discussion decide to return to him to the Breland troops. “This is the best way to the least amount of blood shed,” Shacan reasons with everyone.

But before we can get on our way, we are ambushed by some real creatures. There’s something about a secret society or a shemage or something, but I missed some notes while I was busy killing her/it.

We recoop from that, but again, before we can be on our way, the sky opens up and the rains down death and destruction onto the fields below the tower. Calarian, worried about his caravan, runs into the mist to not be seen again in his mortal form. Bin attempts to follow, but is immediately injured by the mist and retreats back.

The remaining three of us return the Lord Major back to the Breland forces and go our separate ways. The Lord Major is relieved and owes us a great debt.

Part II

In observance of the Day of Mourning, the Lord Major (now General?) invites us to his home in Sharn. The four of us meet up again and find that Calarian did make it through the Day of Mourning, but did not survive it (awkward…). The other three of us have been doing pretty regular stuff until today.

In the middle of the observance, a demon appears and begins attacking everyone in sight. We quickly dispatch the Mourning Haunt. The Lord Major is troubled by this turn of events. The Mourning Haunt had to be summoned/sent here – which means somebody wanted it here. He employs us to discover who and why.

XP -

Jesse – 738

Jon – 788

Mac – 763

Bryan – 738

Additional ideas credited:

All- managing to complete your Tower goal, despite being at possible odds with a newly discovered party (and despite some of them being made irrelevant by betrayal or Armageddon)

Mac – subversively accomplishing your goal despite potential adversity from other party members

Bryan (idea that will prove important in the future that I can’t specify without spoiling plot)


Flaying Gloves

+1 Battle Staff

+1 Amulet of Mental Resolve

+1 Stormbiter Warblade

320 gp


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