Eberron - Tempest's Roar

Claw Infiltration

You have insinuated yourselves as recruits in an Emerald Claw keep on the western border of Karrnath. You have had a crash course in learning the senior staff of the keep, and achieved arguable success in your first mission as a unit (make a note that you cannot use that ressurection ritual for 30 days; you may come to regret it).

You feel certain you will need to gain the approval of the majority of the EC commanders before you are trusted with additional assignments, or made full soldiers of the Claw, but there is also plenty of investigating to do here in the meantime.

Cult of Characters

  • Hult Irontoe – Dwarven Recruit Master and basic drill instructor
    – you had to impress him already to get this far
  • *Rikla Ulgrym *- gruff Tiefling Quartermaster of Darkhold
    – Rikla is does not carry enough stature to be a useful voucher for the party
    – harried by the constant requests for supplies.
    – Hult Irontoe has taken an instant dislike to Rikla and considers her weak and therefore a target. Rikla has to actively avoid the dwarf or suffer his beatings.
    – Through his assistance, Ray has familiarized himself with the strict schedule kept by the quartermaster staff, and notes that several boxes of files as well as all the magic items are kept inside.
  • *Varlosh *- human Archivist of Darkhold
    – Varlosh is does not care enough about anyone or anything to be a useful voucher for the party
    – He is disliked by many agents as he keeps close tabs on the amount of income they are supposed to be reporting.
    – He rides herd on a research assistant/slave chained to a warded alchemical station in the Archive, whom Bin has discovered through her work there is one…Aric Blacktree (dundunDUN)

Who to impress?
Some will require simple discussion, while some will require more overt action or favor…

  • *Gron *- ill-tempered Dragonborn Captain of the Storm Watch (EC elite foot soldiers
    – He seems uninterested in anyone unwilling to stand up to him in a direct conflict of power
    – He has little respect for Tomias and believes him to be a two-faced cad.
  • *Tomias Palesun *- Jovial Half Elf Captain of the Green Feathers
    – He is a seemingly easygoing man with a quick wit and many jokes, but he has the cold eyes of a killer.
    – Tomias is a card player, gambler. Scoundrel, you’d like him. Through some successful conversational cardplay, Shacan has noted that:
    – there is a lot of tension between Gron and Tomias.
    – Tomias has his eye on Fzain
    – a glint of jewelry is hidden on a chain beneath his shirt
    – Through rumors circulating the training yard, you learn that Tomias is having an affair with Fzain, and is feeding her tactical info about the Claw; this info might be useful in leveraging him or bribing others
  • Nombrail Calist – human high cleric of the Blood of Vol at Darkhold
    – A treacherous weasel of a man who delights in abusing his underlings, he despises Fzain
  • Taalor Darkhope – human Senior Red Cloak of Darkhold
    – often called “The Binder” because of his expertise in summoning creatures and binding them to his will.
    – from the scene you overheard, he is concerned about the recently arrived cleric of The Keeper (Fzain Nerist) and her designs upon him.
  • Fzain Nerist – seductive human Emissary of The Keeper
    – representative of the High Imperceptor in Mulmaster to the EC
    – a strong-willed woman and a brilliant speaker who is able to sway crowds. This, combined with her good looks, has made her popular among the sellswords at Darkhold, despite her faith
  • *Jesym Drein *- Halfling Captain of the Outriders
    – independent, intent on building her reputation
  • *Lerilenaniel *- Wood Elf Beast Tamer of Darkhold
    – Iroko has developed something of a rapport with her (somewhat damaged by the last encounter)
    – She uses monsters to kill or harass the surrounding areas where the Claw wish to establish a hold

Points of interest – While you earn the trust of the senior staff, there are plenty of curiosities to investigate in the meantime
– there will be further opportunities to gather information during training each day
– now that you have had your first assignment as a unit, you are expected to function at all times as a unit, including spending all your down time as together. all further extra-curriculars must be done together
– The Archive might otherwise take months to sift through for clues, but Bin, having familiarized herself with the filing system feels she could point the group towards something useful there
– Having memorized their duty schedule, Ray might be able to get them near the Vault to investigate it further
– Rumors of a secret project have been circulating amongst the recruits, some hidden lab that is siphoning hordes of supplies.



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