Eberron - Tempest's Roar

Eberron 7 (2010.03.31)

Eberron 2010.03.31

Walking our way from town with a name that sounds like Advent, and it’s a long a gruelling walk to the West to the monument of the Six Kings.

We spy upon a handful of humans bugging a goblin. The humans have bright “Emerald” cloaks and shields with Emerald Claws on them. The dark skinned tattooed goblin is one of the Wordbearers. He’s tied up and in need of some help or it could just be that we don’t like the Emerald Claw so we attack.

Excellent teamwork with Oroko and Bin. Oroko gets surrounded and attacks them all and then uses a power that allows him to shift and to shift everyone else

Jesse: “Since when was mocking Jesse worth XP?” Rogue: “Since when was mocking Jesse not worth XP?”

Govan the Goblin suggests that He advises us to avoid the road up ahead. He takes off a silver Dykinni necklace to give us a plot trinket

We try to get some information out of the Emerald Claw people – We’re just here under the orders of Captain Warrick. We were ordered by the captain, but his mistress . Big freaky chick with death mask.

  • Oroko: “Do you know anything about Aberrant Dragonmarks?”
  • EC Warrior: “They’re bad?”
  • Oroko: “Do you know anything about Dragonmarks?”
  • EC Warrior: “They’re good?”
  • Mac: “Yeah, that was useful.”


  • 13 alchemist fire arrows – burst 1 for an extra d6 firedamage
  • 80 gps among them

We make it a little bit further and then rest for the night. We sleep, but it’s a fitful sleep. There’s a sense of impending doom. Oroko asks his little woodlin friends they think something is around, but we’re unable to find it. Ray feels something arcane permeating this area, but we can’t put our finger on it.

We start the walk in the morning and after some enduring the walk, we hear a warhorn in the distance. It’s not a Brelish warhorn, it sounds more like a Warhorn of Drenum. They probably belong to the raiders that Govan mentioned.

We continue walking, crest a hill and see some rolling stony planes. We can see a few miles down the road, and there’s a thin plumb of white smoke. We’re in an area with some rocky spires. We see a cauldron off to the side of the road (the smoke is coming from it). Standing right smack in the middle of the road ahead is a Minotaur. A gnoll assists it. A couple of Orcs are hidden and a come out from the sides, and an Archer shoots at us from above.

Despite some noble attempts by the villians, they are vanquished. Bin took a lot of damage, and Ray complained about healing him (“You’re cut off!”). The gnoll ended up being some sort of cleric.

Ray knows that the cauldron has something magical going on with it, but really doesn’t know and decides the only way to stop it is to kick over the cauldron. The rest of


  • Gnollish “Holy” symbol of battle +1. Was Melora but defaced to some primal goddish.
  • 407 sps
  • 53 gps
  • various jewelry – 250 gps worth
  • Minotaur’s tiny ivory box in the shape of a skull – 10 gps

We continue moving on till the end of the day. We rest for the night. It’s still a little fitful but better then it ways.

On the road to the Six Kings, Day 5. Nothing happens.

The terrain starts to slope up slightly. We know that we’re approaching the Greywall mountains – the boundary between Brelem and Dorum.

On the road to the Six Kings, Day 6.

It’s rougher going the closer we get to the mountains. But we do start to recognize landmarks, so that’s good. The planes have given way to a rocky woodlen area. Was harvested out once, but the woods have reclaimed it for theiy own. Oroko is happy.

We’re very close to the mountains now. It looks like two parts – the lower mountains and some higher mountains. The higher mountains have something carved into them but it’s blocked by the lower mountains. The higher mountains are probably the Six Kings.

As we walk along, we notice that some of the foilage is disturbed. Looks like a several (about 5 or 6) large or heavily ladened humanoids walked through it. We sneak around in the woods trying to track them and eventually find them.

They look like they’re expecting to ambush someone on the road. We see a knight and a scout. Shacan is able to sneak up to the knight and almost dispatch it, but Ray makes some noise and everything else goes to hell. The captain comes out, and some more soldiers – eh. The biggest problem ends up being the necromancer mistress. We eventually turn the tide when Bin grows 10’ long arms and starts to wail on everyone in site.

As we’re dispatching the necromancer and the last scout, we see orange faces with some markings among the leaves of the forest. We squish the scout, and turn to look for the faces and they’re gone.

Ray: “I already don’t like them. They were just watching and wouldn’t help.”


  • Very nice scale armor, leather armor, shields, fine silken robes
  • Captain’s armor is magical: Plate armor +2 summoned armor
  • Potion of ?
  • 50 gps
  • pouch of 6 jet black gems (25 gps each)

We continue on and pass the lower mountain range. We turn the corner to see a river running between the mountain ranges and on the North(?) side, we see the Six Kings – a series of gigantic carved statues of the Six Kings.

We get our first restful night’s sleep in over a week.

Bin 886 Ray 966 Shacan 926 Oroko 826



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