Eberron - Tempest's Roar

Eberron 8 (2010.04.14)

Shacan has a nightmare about struggling and stuff. Then at the end of the dream wakes up with a searing pain on his back. It looks like some broadsword got really hot and singed part of him.

Looking around, we see the Bloodclaw Broadsword sticking out of a fallen log on the other side of the camp site.

It has an intense arcane aura that is slowly fading – much like the embers of a fire. After a time, it fades down to a steedy glow (+1). The burned flesh starts to fall out as dust and into the wind.

Ray looks at it some and finally decern that it’s a Kech Shurat blade. It apparently was having some struggle being in the same possession as Ashurta’s blade.

Shacan goes up to the blade in the stump, grabs it, and askes it if it wants to kill something. He hears “yessss” – which is apparently Ray making sounds.

Mac: “If you put your ear up to Ray, you can hear the ocean.”

Shacan goes and tries to threaten the Kech Shurat blade with Ashurta’s blade, but it grows to match Ashurta’s blade, so it’s definitely growing in power. Ray takes it for now.

Captain Caliousousoisous gave us a sign “Three white rocks pointing in a direction at the base of the third king – there’s an entrance around here.”

As we approach up the revene, there’s some armored “bigger than a goblin-probably a hobgoblin” obviously blocking the path. This warparty is not a Ketvalar. They all have blade shaped scars on their forearms. They are obviously Ketshurat.

Ray (in goblin): “What Tribe you belong to?”

Hobgoblin (in high sounding noble): “Haha, it’s not common to see you speaking the noble tongue. But to answer As we see it, all tribes belong to us?”

Ray: “Well, we’ll be sure to tell them that you died.”

Ray rolls a miserable intimidate check.

Hobgoblin: “Hahahaha, you amuse me. If you tell me all you know about the blade et al, we’ll let you leave and live.”

Ray turns to Shacan: “They want your blade.”

Mac to Rogue: “I throw the blade at him. Oh, wait, let me make an insight as to what Jesse is saying to me… 6! I throw the blade at him.”

There’s some attacking and some running around on terrain, and some mockery of the enemy, and we win. Oroko: “I took 5 that round.” Ray: “I took 50.” Mac: “I took 32. Way to pull you weight, Defender.”

No loot of note. Not even the cool scimatars that the big guy had. Eh.

We continue on. It’s a long hard trudge (Endurance checks), but we make it to the third king.

Around some rock formations, we see a cooridor leading into the mountain. Coming out of it is a party of hobgoblins (Kech Valar). Tchokte is among them.

“I am Yera. I am the leader of the Kech Valar seekers. This place and the crown belong to us. Give it to us and leave if you desire peace.”

Apparently, we must try to convince her that we are here on good terms (even if we are selfish) and want to aid the

Govan (the guy we helped with the Emerald Claw people in the forest) emerges from behind the crowd and gives us a bonus.

It is written that the destiny of the Arkanstash is tied to those who seek and find its fragments.” Chikote steps forward – “yeah, they obviously have one of the pieces so we should let them help us.” We’ve convinced them that we’re good enough to be tried by combat, which leads us to…

The Ritual of Amalraka. Yera leads us down to a clearing and starts to pour a wide circle of ash which flares and gives out layer of thin smoke.

This is an Ama’Lokar (we assume is goblin for “trial by combat”) ritual circle. It is meant to bond the participants in the spirit of competition. It is often used as a sign of what the spirits have meant to be.

Single bouts – only one can fight at a time.

Combat continues until either side wins 5 times. Takes damage and fails to deal damage in the same round. Can’t use healing. Can second wind, but constantly active during the whole rituatal.

Each combatant – every round you get a free action. You can either meditate or mitigate. Meditate: - Arcana: +2 to one defense for this round only - History: +2 to next attack roll - Religon: +2 on saving throw Mitigate: - Bluff: opponent rolls twice and takes lower value - Insight: +2 bonus to next skill check roll - Intimidate: opponent is -2 to next roll

+1 AC (forgo for temporary hit points)

Shacan up – versus Yera. FIGHT! - Shacan wins.

Oroko up – versus someone. FIGHT! - Oroko wins.

Ray up – verus some little guy. FIGHT! - Ray wins. Like not just wins with a do the damage without taking damage, but actually drop his guy. Weird.

Bin up – versus someone. FIGHT. - Bin wins.

Shacan up again – versus some cleric or magic user. FIGHT! - Shacan almost wiffs it, but does succeeds.

We route them 5-0. They think that they’re awesome, but we’re more awesome. So that makes us ok or something.

It’s dusk. We should probably stay here for the night, then go into the caves tomorrow.

Shacan, Bin 606 Ray 756 Oroko 906



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