Eberron - Tempest's Roar

Eberron 9 (2010.04.28)

We’re ready to decend into the caverns underneath the Six Kings.

Everyone files into the cave, and Chokote takes up the rear guard.

The leader chick says, “Within stands the Obelisk portal that will take us deeper into the vaults.” But only Goblins can go through it, so they get to take the short way while we have to take the long way.

If I were some magical hand in the sky who had to control a lot of the extras in this universe while some other magical hands only handled one principal each - I’d find a way like this to make sure that I wouldn’t have to handle as many extras. But, that’s probably just my imagination.

Ray starts to think that it would be bad for Chkote to try to go through the portal that only let’s Goblins through and begins to say something, but then he sees some sort of token/ring/cloak/something that lets Changelings (and maybe others)

She gives us a sending stone, and holds on to the other one – “Stay in touch.

The Good Goblins(GG) all gather around the obelisk, put their left hands in, and disappear; and are replaced with some darkly ghost figures that attack us - who didn’t see that coming?

We readily defeat them, and Ray – well sorta. He gets all uppidy and blood raged and starts to attack us. Dude – not cool! He calms down after a minute, but still – not cool. He says it’s all because the bloodclaw made him do it, so we say we believe him.

As for the ghosts, they ain’t got shit – they’re ghosts, what’d we expect?

The exit here is a large iron door. It’s heavy but not locked (Shacan makes a frony face). After some effort, we get it open and there’s a little cavern beyond. There’s some black pools on the floor, and as we make it into the cavern some wraiths come and get us. The little cowards start to run off a cliff (stupid floaters) but it’s only 10 ft down, so we jump after them.

We check in GG and they say they fought off some gghouls. That’s ggggreat.

We find floating around the wraiths – Bed of Rapid Rest. Bin (not Ray – he called the Dragon god Siphyllis) founds some darken purple dragon shard. Two murky pieces that look like they broke from a single piece, and a whole one that’s very lusterous. The murky pieces look like they may be contaminated or something. The good shard is a Shard of Lifedrinking.

The black puddeles up here are “shadow seeds” – blurp out necrotic goo when disturbed. Bad things. Do not want.

We look around and down the main way we see to go ends pretty quickly. We backtrack a little bit, and find a little slope down into another cavern that we cross over.

We stumble into a room with a few goblin ghost thingies, and a couple of aberrant tentacle ugly creatures. Bin goes and takes out the goblins, and Ray is able to keep the tentacled creatures at bay with a dancing weapon. Iroko did something that I don’t remember(fun with the form of the winterherald’s difficult terrain and Ray’s dancing weapon), and Shacan missed a lot. It’s ugly, but we make it through. No loot – totally not worth it.

There’s a couple of exits from here forth in, but they’re small little crawl spaces – looks like it’s for goblin travel. We can get through but it takes a little bit.

We get into a chamber that has a curious site: a leftover baracks with a group of ghostly goblins in melee with hideously deformed creatures (goblinish but with like 4 mouths, etc). They’re going at it, but we don’t really know who’s good and who’s bad – so we should take them all out, just to be safe. There’s a massive mummified corpse of some flayed ape looking creature with a spear through it.

Before they notice us, Shacan unloads all his shrouds onto the big abberant guy. Ray salutes the goblin ghosts and then attacks the abarrant guys. Shacan jumps in and just attacks everyone. Bin and Iroko mop up what’s left. 1 Round, 1 TE(nemy)K.

The barracks make a good place to hold up for the night, so we rest up.

During the evening, Ray starts the disenchantment ritual to get rid of the Bloodclaw weapon since “it took him over earlier.”

A search reveals

  • Warhorn (100gps)
  • Broken gamecase and board and pieces of bloodstone (200gps eq)
  • Coinage (25 gps eq)

The spear sticking into the ape is a +2 vicious spear. We can totally transfer that enchantment to other stuff. We also take this time to fashion the dragonshard into something useful.

  • Iroko – 1150
  • Ray – 1200
  • Shacan,Bin – 1250



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