The Betrayed

I have been betrayed!


The date is 20 Olarune 994 YK (four years ago). As the viceroy for House Cannith’s dealings in the Thranish capital of Flamekeep, you have done well for yourself and your allies, and as would be expected, made your share of enemies. Recently, word has come down of a possible clue to the Dragonic Prophecy in a ruined tower off the Saerun Road, east of Kennrun. You are far more interested in furthering your status within the House, and that crosses into Breland territory anyway, nearly into Cyre, but any clue to the marks is a possible advantage over the other Houses, and the lords seneschal demand that a noble of proper stature is sent to investigate. While out of your realm, you are geographically closer, and your orders are clear. You are to take the prepared dragonshard to the tower and attempt to glean its secrets.

Your journey has been arranged under the guise of trip to visit relatives in Whitehearth and you’re instructed to take your family with you to maintain the guise. There are reports of skirmishes in the area, but you will be traveling along Cyre’s south road with a well-guarded Cannith merchant caravan and should be well protected both by sword and by neutrality. At the appointed landmark, you break ranks with the caravan, disguised as a patrol scout, and travel west into the borderland mountains to fulfill your instructions. Once your errand is complete, you should have time to easily ride southeast and meet back up with the caravan.

The Betrayed

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