Boot to the head


The date is 20 Olarune 994 YK (four years ago). Your academy has been forced to close some months ago, and you have been pressed into service as a merchant’s guard, but have done well and ascended quickly. You and your supply caravan have traveled west on the Saerun Road to the mountains that mark the border between Cyre and Breland. Cyran defenders are greatly outnumbered, but have successfully used the mountains as a barricade to prevent the invaders’ advance. The main camp is set up some distance from the battle, but your supply lines are having trouble making successful deliveries to the northern flank. A fleeing scouting party reported spotting an abandoned looking tower on the mountainside overlooking the battlefield. It would be an ideal location for a supply store and/or watch tower, but they lack the manpower to conduct the proper reconnaissance. As the caravan quartermaster, you are armed and provided with an initial batch of supplies and ordered to scout out the tower and make sure it is suitable for their needs, then report back for a full shipment and guard contingent.

Four years later, hoping to broaden your martial training, you inquire with your old rescuee, warlord Bren ir’Gadden about training opportunities in Breland. Still grateful for his rescue, the Major (now Colonel) pulls some strings to enter you into the Reserve Officer Training academy, and takes you has his apprentice himself. You complete your training in the city of Sharn shortly before the fourth anniversary of the Mourning.


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