Assassin of questionable lineage


The date is 20 Olarune 994 YK (four years ago). Despite your racial discontinuity, you have proven yourself adept and capable at the family business. Recently, you have been contracted through the House to a Breland regiment on the eastern front. The local commander has an affinity for a coordinated assassination of the opposing commander and attacking while the chain of command falls apart. The tactic has worked a few times now, when viable, and in the meantime, you’ve made yourself useful as a scout as well as performing the occasional counterintelligence. This time, though, the battle is fully engaged, and your specialty is not required. There is a way you could prove useful, however.

Reports have come from the northern flank that Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden, a Brelish officer and nobleman was captured in a skirmish a few days ago. His family is well placed and will make quite a fuss if an attempt is not made to recover him. Your intel suggests he’s being held in an abandoned ruin of a tower on the northern hillside. You’ve been ordered to chick it out, free the Lord Major if you can, or return for reinforcements if needed.


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